One of Lord Akeldama's drones.

Appearance Edit

Winkle is exotic-looking, with Far East or Pan Pacific ancestry.

Personality Edit

He is described by Rue as very brainy, and he loves to gossip.

History Edit

In the books Edit

Prudence Edit

Winkle is introduced as Lord Akeldama's newest drone, and his favorite. He is one of the party that escorts Prudence to the Spotted Custard for the first time.

Imprudence Edit

Winkle is the drone escorting Prudence from her meeting with Queen Victoria at the beginning of the novel.

Romancing the Werewolf Edit

Winkle is waiting on Lord Akeldama at the beginning when Biffy comes to say his final goodbye.

Trivia Edit

  • Winkle speaks several different languages.
  • As of the time of Prudence, Winkle is one of Lord Akeldama's favorites.

Quotes Edit

  • "He was a devilishly exotic-looking chap, with features that hinted at Far Eastern or possibly Pan Pacific ancestry. His hair was as glossy and as black as jet mourning jewelry, his dark eyes tilted becomingly and his face was completely free of any topiary. He smiled easily and often with the merest hint of dimples. He also spoke several languages and played the clarinet beautifully." (Prudence, Chapter One)
  • "He had excellent reflexes for a fop." (Prudence, Chapter Two)
  • "The drones were re-enacting the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet over the edge of the middle squeak deck of the ship. Winkle was back on board, draped in a tablecloth for hair and gesticulating dramatically at his doomed lover below." (Prudence, Chapter Two)

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