Vampires are supernatural creatures who feed on blood. They exhibit greater strength and healing than normal humans, and are immortal.

Society Edit

Vampires organize themselves by groups called hives, each led by a queen, whose bite is the only one capable of metamorphosing a new vampire. There are three hives located in London, not including the Westminster Hive (or later, Wimbledon Hive).

Very strong vampires can separate themselves from the hive and live alone, with their own territory. These are known as roves.

Hives are also often staffed with drones, humans who donate blood and other services to the hive for artistic patronage or the chance to go through metamorphosis into an immortal themselves.

Within the British Empire, vampires are the administrators that determine how to keep territory won in military campaigns. This is a task mainly taken on by the potentate, who has first-hand knowledge of strategy and management going back to the Roman empire.

Abilities Edit

Vulnerabilities Edit

Well-known Vampires in the Universe Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The myth that vampires cannot enter a home uninvited is based on their obsession with politeness and social etiquette.
  • Vampires are allergic to garlic; it makes them sneeze.
  • Vampires refuse to metamorphose someone who has children.
  • A vampire is able to move long distances for a short period of time after metamorphosis, before the tether to the hive is established. This has facilitated the spread of vampires throughout the known world.
  • Vampires dislike mechanicals, even going so far as to try to discredit them, along with the crystalline valve technology, during Waistcoats & Weaponry.

Quotes Edit

  • Alexia's books called this end of the vampire life cycle dissanimation." (Soulless, Chapter One)
  • "A vampire could probably rip a werewolf's head clean off..." (Blameless, Chapter Fourteen)
  • “Vampires hated to lose blood—it was troublesome to replace and always left a stain.” (Heartless, Chapter Two)
  • “And vampires were perverted. Or so she hoped." (Romancing the Inventor, Chapter One)
  • "You know how vampires are-the respectability of the supernatural mystique, the gravitas of the blood, the nobility of the fang, all that rot." (Prudence, Chapter Seven)
  • "Poor vampires-so obsessed with style yet often cursed to look decades behind the times." (Prudence, Chapter Nine)

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