A werewolf and member of the London (nee Woolsey) Pack.

History Edit

Not much is said about Ulric, but he apparently has experience with BUR paperwork and operations procedure.

In the Books Edit

Imprudence Edit

Ulric is present in his human form at he incident outside Claret’s at the beginning of Imprudence. He was shoving at the vampire drones before Rabiffano attacked him and made him stop.

Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

  • Ulric, silently chomping on a chop at the other end of the table glanced up. 'No one did ask you. No one has ever been in any doubt as to your preferences." (Blameless, Chapter Seven)
  • "Ulric and Phelan, it had best be you two. You have dealt with BUR paperwork and operations procedure before." (Blameless, Chapter Seven)

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