A sumage is a mage who cannot control quintessence. Sumages are created when a mage attempts to access quintessence, but due to their inability to control it, it damages them creating lines called Tracers. The sumage can then channel and disperse quintessence safely through their trace lines, but they have no control over what form the quintessence will take and it is quite painful. Tracers are lines that cover parts of the sumage (depending on the type) like spider veins. They fade with inactivity, but when a sumage has channeled quintessence, they become pink and angry like fresh scars. The main purpose of a sumage is counteract uses of quintessence and disperse large bursts of built up quintessence safely.

Types Edit

Known Sumages

Trivia Edit

  • To werewolves, sumages smell like chemical coolant, which is the scent of quintessence that has been used and corrupted.

Quotes Edit

  • “A sumage, a dud, full of vast ability to tap quintessence, yet he could only clean up someone else’s mess.” (The Sumage Solution, Chapter One)
  • “A sumage’s only purpose was to diffuse a quintessence discharge. They didn’t have the same kind of control and thus disrupted quintessence at all times, in a haphazard way, simultaneously drawing it to them and not holding on to it at all.” (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Two)
  • “It happens when you hit puberty and can’t control quintessence. All us sumages get them. Mine are so extensive because I handle so much power. Or that’s what they tell me.” (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Eight)

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