A sootie aboard The Spotted Custard. About 12 years old. After a snafu in engineering, she ends up working topside, and becomes the unofficial leader of the decklings.

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Spoo is a sootie aboard the Spotted Custard when Rue is first given the dirigible by Lord Akeldama. She quickly goes from being a sootie to the head deckling and proves to be energetic and reliable. Rue sends Spoo to find Professor Lyall and deliver a monkey necklace (as well as retrieve Rue's discarded clothing and Quesnel's lost hat) and instead returns to the Spotted Custard riding Tasherit.

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  • "Spoo began to point and shout. The decklings hopped to it with no discussion-the sootie already had them better trained than whoever had previously been in charge. Rue began to suspect that Spoo's black eye had something to do with her jump to head deckling." (Prudence, Chapter Six)
  • “Spoo looked at the funny little necklace doubtfully. 'That's all?' 'And ask if I can have my dress and shoes back, would you? And Mr Lefoux's hat, perhaps?' Spoo looked scandalised. 'I don't think I want to know.” (Prudence, Chapter Ten)
  • "Gangplanks are for you proper types.' Without further ado she ran, grabbed a dangling rope on the landward side of the ship, and leapt over the railing." (Prudence, Chapter Ten)
  • "Spoo, sitting with immense pride astride the cat, slid off and moved away only to be instantly surrounded by decklings, the returning hero." (Prudence, Chapter Eleven)
  • “Spoo, head deckling, was quite as bloodthirsty as any boy of her age was wont to be.” (Imprudence, Chapter Two)

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