Wife of the Duke of Snodgrove. The Duke is said to own half of Berkshire. He is notorious for underspending on his wife's balls. Hosts the ball at which Alexia is attacked at the beginning of Soulless.

Appearance Edit

She is described as being shorter than her husband, with more generous curves.

Personality Edit

History Edit

In the books Edit

Poison or Protect Edit

Her husband, the Duke of Snodgrove, throws a house party to which she is the hostess.

Quotes Edit

  • "How ghastly for her, people actually thinking, with their brains, and right next door. Oh, the travesty of it all." ~ Soulless, Chapter 2
  • "The Duchess of Snodgrove regarded the entire affair as a travesty designed solely to impinge upon her social standing." (Soulless, Chapter 14)
  • “The Duchess of Snodgrove was the opposite of her husband. Her features were delicate and her form well padded. She looked like the human representation of a comfortable settee.” (Poison or Protect, Chapter One)

Trivia Edit

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