A young lady's travel journal, written by Ivy Tunstell under the penname Honeysuckle Isinglass. The book is a florid account of her travels to Egypt in 1876. It is an embarrassment to Percy and Prim, and was written under a penname because it was seen as being beneath a vampire queen's station to publish a travel memoir.

A copy of Sand and Shadows was passed to Rue at the Maltese Tower by Anitra, who was acting on behalf of "Goldenrod" (a moniker used by Lord Akeldama). It later turned out to be a cipher for coded messages.

The code Edit

In Prudence, the code consists of numbers with the following significance:

  • First # = page in book
  • Second # = line in
  • Third # = line down
  • Fourth # = letter in word

Passage from the book Edit

  • "The amber sun sinks slowly into the tourmaline sea, a blooming peony of beauty surmounting the waving undulations of the silken sapphire depths. All unobserved, our heroine wanders along the wave-licked shores, a young lady with a soul overfilled with sentiment for the pulchritude of the bejeweled landscape radiating before her, her feet attired in Mademoiselle Membrainoux's finest kid slippers. The slush slush slush of the sparkling iridescent waves marries to the breathless beating of her engorged heart---" (Prudence, Chapter Seven)

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