Judge Rassolnik is a Surge mage.

Appearance Edit

He is a small, round, and balding man. He may have been good-looking once, but it was a long time ago. His face is all frown lines and he has cold brown eyes.

Personality Edit

History Edit

Rassolnik comes from a long line of mages that have been Surges since the Saturation. His great-great-grandfather had been one of the first.

He befriended Darius Barker (Max's father) while in university.

In the Books Edit

The Sumage Solution Edit

Judge Rassolnik is desperate to get into Maximillian Barker's family home. He tries to break through the enchantment, but is unsuccessful. So, instead he turns to putting the pressure on Max to let him in. Max eventually does, but Judge Rassolnik is still unable to get the one thing he wanted to retrieve: a Saturation Codex.

Trivia Edit

  • Rassolnik drives a large, expensive-looking care that was designed by code rather than aesthetics.

Quotes Edit

  • "Judge Rassolnik was listening to country music on his computer. Really bad country music." (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Sixteen)
  • "The man's smile looked like the grin of a cadaver." (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Sixteen)
  • "He let the pride leak out, like pus from a septic wound." (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Sixteen)

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