A close relative of vampires, rakshasas are named for demons in Indian folklore. Under Her Majesty's Supernatural Acceptance Decree, the rakshasas are made tax collectors in the British Empire.

Appearance Edit

Rakshasas appear more animalistic than British vampires—they have larger fangs that protrude and can't be politely tucked under their lips. Their eyes are sunken and they have long, sharp fingernails coated in an oily substance. And they also smell bad enough that even humans can notice.

Trivia Edit

  • There are rumors that Rakshasas eat living flesh (instead of merely drinking blood). -Prudence, Chapter Nine
  • There are stories of Rakshasas desecrating the dead and feasting on rotten corpses, but it's speculated that this is remnant of early legends. - Prudence, Chapter Nine

Quotes Edit

  • "This creature showed outwardly that he was a bloodsucker, with no pretence at anything civilised. The lack of artifice was off-putting, not to say embarrassing..." (Prudence, Chapter Nine)
  • "Rakshasas are reviled in India. Their position as tax collectors is an attempt by the crown to integrate them in a more progressive and mundane manner." (Prudence, Chapter Nine)