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Prudence Profile

Lady Prudence Alessandra Maccon Akeldama, called "Rue" for short, is the protagonist of The Custard Protocol series.

Prudence is scientifically considered a Metanatural, the offspring of a preternatural and a supernatural. Vampires call her a skin-stealer, and werewolves a flayer.

Appearance Edit

Rue inherited her mother's Italian complexion and dark brown, curly hair. She also has her biological father's golden eyes.

As a wolf, Rue is brindled, like her father.

Personality Edit

Much like her metanatural abilities, Rue's personality is changeable, becoming whatever is most useful to her at the time. Her strengths lie in creating discomfort, and she delights in doing so. She is a mastermind, prankster, stubborn, and rubs people the wrong way. She is wry and funny, loves to find things to be enthusiastic about, and lacks artifice.

History Edit

Rue was born in 1874 inside of the main chamber of an octomaton.

As a small child, Prudence was fascinated with technology, especially dirigibles. At the age of 16, she learned to fly Lord Akeldama's personal dirigible, Dandelion Fluff Upon a Spoon.

Relationships Edit

In the books Edit


Rue was born during the events of Heartless, delivered by Genevieve Lefoux inside an octomaton's head, in the presence of Biffy and Lord Maccon.


She traveled to Egypt with her parents, at the behest of Matakara, who wished to use Rue's touch to end her excessively long life.


Rue goes on a super secret mission from her adoptive father: Lord Akeldama. With her newly gifted dirigble (the Spotted Custard), Rue and her friends take off for India in search of making a trade agreement to grow a new kind of tea. Along the way they meet new supernatural creatures and Rue brokers a deal on behalf of the empire.

Imprudence Edit

Rue has reached her majority and, after the debacle at the end of Prudence, has her protection by the British government stripped from her. On top of that, her father (Lord Maccon) is finally succumbing to alpha madness. In the midst of a spat between Percy and Quesnel, Rue finds herself and the Spotted Custard under attack as they make their way to Egypt for her parents to start the new chapter of their lives inside the God-Breaker Plague zone. When the mysterious attacks continue, Rue suspects the unknown attackers are after the one and only known werecat: Tasherit. In an effort to make it to Tasherit's pride and warn them of the potential danger incoming, Rue makes a deal with the local Drifters for protection. After finding the pride and warning them, Rue realizes too late that it was never the werecats their pursuers were after. It was her.

Trivia Edit

  • Prudence has hated her name ever since she was a little girl, which is why she prefers to be called "Rue."
  • Lord Akeldama's nickname for Rue is "Puggle."
  • Rue doesn't like to submerge herself in water (she prefers a shower to a bath) and she cannot swim.
  • Rue describes the effect of the God-Breaker Plague on her as if being submered in a bathtub, or an extended touch from her mother.
  • Lord Akeldama made sure that Prudence knew how to shoot.
  • Rue joins the Parasol Protectorate in Imprudence under the moniker: Hot Cross Buns.
  • Is fond of shoes and has a vast collection.

Extras Edit


  • "Half a day's intermittent rest had not improved the infant's appearance. She was red and wrinkly, and her face got all scrunched up when she cried." (Heartless, Chapter Seventeen)
  • "Lord Akeldama tilted the child in her direction. Prudence Alessandra Maccon Akeldama had developed porcelain-white skin and a perfect set of tiny little fangs." (Heartless, Chapter Seventeen)
  • "In fact, the only person who seemed neither injured nor wet in any way was Prudence herself. The toddler was perched precariously on top of the mantelpiece over the fire, completely naked, with a very militant expression on her tiny face, yelling, 'Noth, Dama. Noth wet. Noth Dama!' She was lisping around her fangs." (Timeless, Chapter One)
  • "'Dada,' she said approvingly. Then she leaned forward toward his ear, as if to tell him a secret, and spouted a whole stream of incomprehensible babbling. Alexia figured this was Prudence's version of gossip. It was probably quite interesting and informative, had it actually been composed of words." (Timeless, Chapter Six)
  • "Prudence, of course, took to the new sky-high transport like a newly minted vampire to blood, springing about with little Anitra, who was her new favorite person in the world." (Timeless, Chapter Sixteen)
  • "Rue dear, your wreath has slipped to a decidedly jaunty angle. Trouble must be afoot." (Prudence, Chapter One)
  • "No one would ever describe her as deadly attractive. She brightened a bit. Perhaps she could aspire to just deadly?" (Prudence, Chapter Five)
  • "One could not blame people for disliking vampires. Vampires were like brussels sprouts - not for everyone and impossible to improve upon with sauce." (Prudence, Chapter Seven)
  • “Not a lot could stop an infantry in full march, but Rue supposed she was now one of the few to claim that dubious honour. If only some of the now conquered lands had known–naked aristocrats is all it takes.” (Prudence, Chapter Fifteen)
  • “Rue was a romantic. Her parents were a love match. Had to be, for there was no other possible explanation for them tolerating one another. Thus Rue held the very peculiar opinion that love made for a most agreeable form of companionship.”(Imprudence)
  • “A girl who can change into any supernatural creature she touches? Stability was never likely a companion personality trait.” (Imprudence, Chapter One)
  • “I should be wary of a man with nice legs, if I were you.’ Rue considered stretched buckskin meditatively. ‘They use them rather too readily.” (Imprudence, Chapter Two)
  • “Being a round, cheerful young lady, Rue was working on awe and discipline from deficit.” (Imprudence, Chapter Two)
  • “Rue wasn’t above using her assets for nefarious purposes.” (Imprudence, Chapter Three)
  • “Rue the wolf on her hind legs was about as tall as Rue the human.” (Imprudence, Chapter Five)
  • ”I’ve lost all my family in one night. Except Dama. Will he want me around with Mother and Paw gone?” (Imprudence, Chapter Six)
  • “But you’re all bubbly and enthusiastic. When you go charging into something, Rue, you go all in and that could be dangerous.” (Imprudence, Chapter Eight)
  • “You are bold and brash and very attractive, so I sometimes forget how innocent you are.” (Imprudence, Chapter Eight)
  • “High up-and-up miss toff-lofty who got herself a ship because her vampire daddy likes to give her big toys. You ain’t earned one splinter of this beauty and everyone knows it.” (Imprudence, Chapter Nine)
  • “Good old Rue, fun for a laugh, but who would want to marry that? No idea what kind of creature she might birth, or become herself. Bad bet. Not even human.” (Imprudence, Chapter Nine)
  • “I’m liminal to the aristocracy, just as I’m liminal to the supernatural set. Not quite a member, not quite on the outside either.” (Imprudence, Chapter Nine)
  • “I’ve a theory that each shifter, as a matter of course, is true to their animal spirit on the full moon. It seems to be part of the curse.” (Imprudence, Chapter Ten)
  • The world always seems a worse place when I am hungry.” (Imprudence, Chapter Ten)
  • “She didn’t know what to do with an earnest Frenchman.” (Imprudence, Chapter Eleven)
  • “Last I checked I was a national asset with permitted autonomy, not necessarily a British citizen with the privileges thereof. There’s some question, Dama said, of me even being considered human.” (Imprudence, Chapter Twelve)
  • “How often does one get to bed Rue’s ear without threat of interruption.” (Imprudence, Chapter Sixteen)
  • “The very notion that Quesnel properly loved her was slippery with impossibility, like an oiled ferret.” (Imprudence, Chapter Sixteen)
  • “Why didn’t you tell me I felt that way, for that matter?” (Imprudence, Chapter Seventeen)
  • Oh dear, thought Rue, they were after me all along.” (Imprudence, Chapter Seventeen)
  • “Rue believed in giving praise when due.” (Imprudence, Chapter Eighteen)
  • “Now, where was I?’ He kissed her again. ‘True I was there, but . . . oh, yes.” (Imprudence, Chapter Eighteen)

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