Baronet Percival Phinkerlington (Sir Percival) is a character in The Curious Case. He is the older brother of Leticia Phinkerlington (AKA Tarabotti AKA Loontwill), younger brother of Eustace Phinkerlington, uncle of Alexia Tarabotti (Maccon), father of Everard Phinkerlington, and grandfather of Aggie Phinkerlington. He inherited the title when his older brother gave it up. “Eustace tossed the title over. Gave it up to become claviger to some toothy old fluff of a lone werewolf.” (see Curious Case)

Appearance Edit

He is a portly gentleman who suffers from a badly tied cravat.

Personality Edit

History Edit

He was acquainted with Alessandro Tarabotti through his older brother, Eustace, who went to Oxford with him an was briefly Alessandro's lover. Alessandro refers to Eustace as old Pink.

He has a son, Everard Phinkerlington, who appears in Blameless as a BUR agent, junior clerk, aethographic transmission specialist second class. Presumably, Everard inherited the title but appears to have lost it or is hiding it, as he is never referred to as Sir Everard.

1838: Sir Percival is killed by Alessandro during the course of the Curious Case in an effort to keep England from knowing about the existence of a non-werewolf shapeshifter. Upon his death he requests that Alessandro see his sister home safely to England. We are to infer, during this time, something occurs that necessitates Alessandro marry Leticia.

In the books Edit

He works for BUR or some other clandestine government operation.

Quotes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He refers to Alessandro as Sandy Dandy the Italian.

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