Alexia's parasol was commissioned by Lord Maccon and built by Madame Lefoux.

Features Edit

  • The tip of the parasol can shoot a dart with a numbing agent
  • With a twist of the handle, sharp spikes flip out
  • Can emit a magnetic disruption field that is powerful enough to seize up a steam engine for a short period of time
  • Can also emit lapis lunearis and lapis solaris

Appearance Edit

The parasol is larger than most, with oversized ribs, more like an umbrella. It is gray, embroidered with lace, and has a cream ruffle trim. A long shaft terminates at one end into a bulky handle carved with lotus flowers and at the other with a long spike at the tip with two egg-sized metal globules.

New parasol Edit

The parasol built by Madame Lefoux was lost to Alexia in the battle with Madame Lefoux's octomaton. Lord Maccon has a new one commissioned, this one built by Gustave Trouvé.

Features Edit

The parasol's simple brass handle has three nodules that can be twisted for different results.

Appearance Edit

This parasol is very plain and undecorated when it is first delivered to Biffy. Biffy takes it upon himself to add decorative elements and make it more aesthetically appealing.

When Biffy is finished, the parasol is black silk, with white chiffon ruffles along the ribs and three layers of embroidered lace ruffles at the edge of the shade to disguise hidden pockets. A bit of white lace and black feathers at the spike disguises the mechanisms for shooting various deadly objects and substances. The handle is simple brass with black pom-pons attached.

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