Chancellor Neshi was a very old vampire and member of the Alexandria Hive. Sent by Matakara to be Alexia's guide to Alexandria upon her arrival there. He was very close to Matakara, and committed suicide upon her death.

Appearance Edit

Neshi is a medium-sized, medium-girthed Egyptian man with a pointy beard.

Personality Edit

History Edit

In the books Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "A medium-sized, medium-girthed native fellow arrived in their midst. He wore voluminous dark bloomers tucked into suede boots, a high-necked dark shirt of muslin, a wide yellow sash about his waist, and a fez upon his head with a long tassel. He had a beard neatly trimmed into sharp pointed aggressiveness and a serious expression." (Timeless, Chapter Ten)
  • "The newcomer introduced himself politely as Chancellor Neshi in perfect English. He interposed himself between Lord Maccon's bluster and the customs official's efficaciousness." (Timeless, Chapter Ten)
  • "The queen says that Europeans do everything wrong, writing from left to right, uncovering the head to enter a room yet leaving the feet confined.' Chancellor Neshi stood stiff-backed to state this, like a town crier, acting the mouthpiece for his queen." (Timeless, Chapter Eleven)
  • "Chancellor Neshi had to jog to catch up. After a moment's thoughtful regard, the vampire directed his conversation at Alexia, rather than her now-hairy husband. As if nothing unbecoming had happened, he inquired politely, 'May we offer you some coffee before you leave?" (Timeless, Chapter Eleven)
  • "In the silent stillness of wonder that followed, while drones and vampires adjusted themselves and their tethers to a new queen, Chancellor Neshi picked up Prudence. Prudence turned, yet again, into a vampire, and before anyone could stop him, the chancellor dashed on chubby legs out the window to the balcony and jumped over the edge, falling to his death in the street below." (Timeless, Chapter Nineteen)

Trivia Edit

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