Metamorphosis is the process by which new vampires and werewolves are created. It is sometimes known as "the bite".

Werewolf metamorphosis Edit

New werewolves can only be created by an Alpha in Anubis form. While in this form, the Alpha bites the human at the neck, alternatively biting and licking in the same spot over and over.

It is very painful for the human, even in the event it works. Should it be successful, the new werewolf will begin to transform into their wolf state very quickly after. If it fails, the human will die of their wounds.

Vampire metamorphosis Edit

New vampires can only be created by a Vampire Queen. With a second set of fangs not meant for drinking blood, called "makers", they inject blood into the human at the neck, while the "feeders" take blood out.

During the process, the human's eyes will turn red. If the attempt is unsuccessful, this redness in the eyes will result in bleeding, and the human will die. If it is successful, the redness fades, and the new vampire's fangs will immediately grow in within seconds. If it is a new queen, they will grow two new sets of fangs.

Newly made vampires are referred to as larvae and must stay near the queen until they have learned control, and how to talk without lisping.

Trivia Edit

  • In Imprudence Gail writes that "flaws are fixed by metamorphosis" (Chapter Six), in the specific case she is addressing eye color, or possibly pupil dilation brought on by head injury. It can be assumed that scars are also repaired, plus any associated diseases or internal injuries. It is not clear, however, if major birth defects, or serious injuries like a loss of limbs, would regenerate with immortality.
  • Immortals do lose a great many visible signs of age.
  • Immortals do not grow facial hair unless touching a preternatural or tethered to a metanatural. Fingernails, head hair length, and facial hair style will stay as cut immediately prior to the bite, unless preter/meta is available to assist.
  • In the case of vampires, werewolves, and weremonkeys it is much harder to change a female than a male. There is no scientific explanation for this, although Victorian scientists believe it has something to do with physical skeletal strength. It's possible it is hormonal in origin. In Imprudence we learn that there are supernatural species exceptions to this rule.

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