Marvin is a merman introduced in Marine Biology.

Appearance Edit

Marvin is slender, tall (five feet and eight inches), with big blue eyes and long blonde hair. He has high cheekbones and a body like a dancer.

Personality Edit

Marvin is friendly, open, and a gossip.

History Edit

Marvin is a merman and brother to Giselle. He went to high school with Alec Frederiksen and used to watch him at swim practice. He moved to Sausalito with the San Andreas Shifters pack as Alec's mate. He works as an Adjunct Coast Guard.

In the Books Edit

Marine Biology Edit

Marvin and his sister, Giselle, have come from the west coast to find the Irish mafia (a selkie family) who have stolen $3.2 million from their non-profit organization. He’s pleased to find he’s working with Alec, who is acting as pack liaison in their investigation. Marvin had a crush on Alec in high school and immediately begins flirting and pursuing him.

The Sumage Solution Edit

Marvin has come back to the west coast with his boyfriend, Alec's, pack. He does what he can to help get them settled, including going to the DURPS offices with Biff to help get the paperwork in order. Though, one could argue it was so he could get a look at Biff's sumage lover (Max).

Trivia Edit

  • Marvin was the weird goth kid in high school.
  • Marvin brought Alec a can of sardines as a courting gift.

Extras Edit

Quotes Edit

  • “Don’t worry about the sushi. You can totally take me for some later.’ Marvin wasn’t being particularly subtle.” (Marine Biology)
  • “Hey, I live in a world run by women. I was outted by household gossip before I’d even acknowledged I was gay to myself.” (Marine Biology)
  • “Oh, yeah, you know, pod migration. Being a merman is almost as bad as being an army brat, we move around.” (Marine Biology)
  • “Marvin tasted amazing, far better than the sushi of the night before. And that had been really good sushi. Salt and sea and something else. Something chemically addictive and sexual.” (Marine Biology)
  • “Little punk loved to make trouble. He thought he was hilarious.” (The Sumage Solution, Chapter One)
  • "Marvin always seemed to view the world as if it were something delightful." (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Nine)