Manifest Destiny (aka Mana) is a drag queen kitsune.

Appearance Edit

Mana is a very beautiful, diminutive Asian woman (with Chinese and Japanese ancestory). She dresses in elaborate costumes for performances, but prefers a domme look for her day-to-day life. Without makeup she is very androgynous looking.

Personality Edit

She can be a trickster, but she's very old so she's very laid back. She is caring, but she can be a drama queen and is very used to getting her way.

History Edit

Manifest Destiny is over 600 years old. She is friends with Jack (the ghost).

Home Edit

Manifest Destiny has a small apartment that is obscenely decorated. It is as if someone crossed a bordello from a 1940s western movie with a kabuki theater. One wall is a thick rainbow waterfall of feather boas and obi belts. The fireplace is filled with a spider web of fairy lights. A shelf runs along the ceiling that is line with art-glass sex toys and wigs. Everything either has red fringe or gold tassels.

In the Books Edit

The Sumage Solution Edit

The pack, newly formed by Alec Frederiksen, is housesitting for Manifest Destiny while she’s doing a tour back east. She returns and continues to let the pack stay at her place as they try to sort out where they're going next. She's able to explain how Magistars and Familiars work, as well as get help from another Magistar.

Trivia Edit

  • Mana is a nine-tail fox.

Extras Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "Manifest Destiny smelled like something old and wild-an ancient artifact of immense power. She was also the most beautiful thing Biff had ever seen." (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Seventeen)
  • "Doesn't nine tails mean wisdom?' 'But not omniscience." (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Seventeen)
  • "Without makeup, Mana was still stunning, but in an androgynous way, all high cheekbones and perfect full lips There was something about him that telegraphed female, though, even without the trappings." (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Nineteen)
  • "I suppose I should be transgender, under modern parlance. But I like drag queen. It suits me. I like the fabric roughness of drag, and the royalty of queen. It's a nice change to have the luxury of choosing one's own semantics, if not one's own situation." (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Nineteen)
  • "We, the weird and sideways folk, have always walked the line of rejection. It's what makes us visionaries. We who are pushed away, to the edge, can see beyond the borders of reality. We frighten the privileged with our possibilities." (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Nineteen)