A Magistar is a kind of mage. They are extremely powerful and work in conjunction with a Familiar. People have spent lots of time and resources trying to breed and create a Magistar. Magistar pairings first showed up in the 1920s. Those that weren't killed are still alive. Given that sumages tend to die young, it seems that Magistars get extended lives from their pairing with a shifter.

Known Magistars Edit

Trivia Edit

Quote Edit

  • "There hasn't been a new Magistar in decades. Only the oldest shifters knew anything about them, and they were closed-mouthed on the subject. Understandable. The last government attempt to create a Magsitar had nearly cost them a city." (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Ten)
  • "He could pull the energy through his wolf, using him like a conduit. Bryan's savage abilities, his innate shifter nature, would smooth it, converting it back to static quintessence. It would be like purifying water through limestone." (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Eighteen)
  • "It could be argued that a Magistar and his familiar share a soul. If you subscribed to the old ways. That's what makes it so unusual and so rare. How many mages, do you think, would be willing to share their souls with another? Not exactly the personality profile." (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Nineteen)
  • "Magistars must share power. That very idea is an anathema to a Surge." (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Nineteen)

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