A mage (or civic mage) is a person who can control and manipulate quintessence. The exception being Sumages, who have only the ability to clean up other mage's (or shifters) quintessence messes. Sumages are sometimes considered a type of mage and sometimes considered lesser. "Mage" almost always means "Civic Mage" (trained, mortal humans).

All Civic Mages will eventually become ghosts.

There are also savage mage abilities, although no mention of actual savage mages (in a sense all shifters are, by definition, savage mages). Savage manifests in supernatural creatures who simply have better than average innate and instinctual abilities to manipulate quintessence in accordance with their already existing shifter skills. Savage almost only affects other shifters. This either comes along with shifter rank (like an Alpha werewolf's command VOICE, Beta calming, or Omega cohesion) or add value to help other shifters (like Bryan's a savage healing assist).

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  • Mages are very easily influenced by alcohol consumption.
  • Mage ejaculate is fizzy like carbonation.
  • Cremation of a mage is considered a desecration (even a sumage) because it doesn't allow them the chance at being undead.

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