Lovejoy Barnes is a cook, werewolf, and member of the San Andreas Shifters pack.

Appearance Edit

Lovejoy is five feet and ten inches tall with blue eyes and dark curly hair.

His wolf form is very lean and pretty with blue eyes.

Personality Edit

Lovejoy is a very cheerful and loud guy who fancies himself a Lothario. He prefers to dress in Italian casino-sleaze style. He is a morning person who also likes to sing country music.

History Edit

Lovejoy has worked as a line cook.

In the Books Edit

The Sumage Solution Edit

Lovejoy Barnes is one of the new pack members in the San Andreas Shifters pack.

Trivia Edit

  • Lovejoy hates sweets.
  • Lovejoy wants to get into the food truck business.

Quotes Edit

  • “Lovejoy never worried about anything.” (The Sumage Solution, Chapter One)
  • “Lovejoy fancied himself a Lothario and went in for Italian casino sleaze-cheese.” (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Four)

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