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The London Pack, formerly known as the Woolsey Pack, is a werewolf pack based in the vicinity of London. They were originally based near Barking at Woolsey Castle, a two-hour carriage ride from central London. After the castle is turned over to Countess Nadasdy and the Westminster vampire hive, they relocate to a fashionable London neighborhood, next door to Lord Akeldama. At first, the new residence serves as a way station for pack members who have business in town, but after Countess Nadasdy's hive relocates to Woolsey Castle, the pack moves to London permanently. They become the first werewolf pack ever to claim an urban hunting ground.

The London Pack is the largest in England, numbering twelve once Biffy undergoes metamorphosis. Three members of the pack serve the Bureau of Unnatural Registry in the London office.[1] Lord Maccon, the Alpha, is head of the London BUR office; Professor Lyall is Beta, his second in command, a field agent and Secretary Prime. Woolsey is the only pack that splits for military service.[2] Several members serve with the Coldsteam Guards—one of the army regiments—including the current Gamma, Major Channing.[3] At the start of Changeless, half of the pack has returned from a tour of duty in northern India. Both Lord Maccon and Professor Lyall have served with the regiment in the past.[4]

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At the time of Prudence, there are about 30 clavigers in the pack's household.

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  • “They poured out the lower doors and windows of the castle, howling to the skies. They evolved into a kind of cohesive moving liquid, flowing down the hillside as one silvered blob, like mercury on a scientist’s palm.” (Heartless, Chapter Sixteen)
  • “The rest of the pack and clavigers were polite but didn’t know what to make of her. Fortunately, their lives were filled with reacting to the various quirks of Lady Maccon, thus they showed no surprise at Imogene’s presence – considering it just one more quirk. They accepted her as they accepted all strange things that had come into their lives since their Alpha had married.” (Romancing the Inventor, Chapter Nine)
  • “There were only eleven members of Paw’s werewolf pack, but as they tended to be rather large dramatic specimens, there always seemed to be more of them than there actually were.” (Imprudence, Chapter One)
  • “The whole uncouth business had taken only a few minutes, but it was a scandal so outrageous it could not possibly be kept secret. The entire London Pack had just behaved very badly indeed, and their Alpha was missing.” (Imprudence, Chapter One)

References Edit

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