Judgment Day, aka Judd, is an enforcer in the San Andreas Shifters pack.

Appearance Edit

Judd is six feet and four inches tall and even more muscled that Biff. He has curly black hair that he keeps short and dark brown eyes. Judd’s werewolf form is large and black with yellow eyes.

Personality Edit

He's friendly and very chatty.

History Edit

Judd had previously been a loner without a pack, but when he learned of Alec's pack's open acceptance he joined them.

In the Books Edit

The Sumage Solution Edit

Judd is one of the new pack members that came out with Alec to the west coast.

Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "When he found out Alec was gay and starting a queer-werewolf West Coast revolution, he'd privately petitioned the new Alpha to join. What was said remained private, but Alec had welcomed him warmly. Biff had to admit Judd fit in remarkably well." (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Ten)

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