Jack is a ghost that haunts Butch's house in Boston.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Jack is not the type of ghost to mist around in the background. He organizes parties and then criticizes everyone’s shoe choices.

History Edit

Jack is a ghost haunting Butch’s house. In life, Jack had been a drag queen that lived next door to Butch and they hated each other. The two got into an argument over the sprinkler system and that’s how he ended up forever haunting his neighbor.

Jack is also friends with Manifest Destiny.

In the Books Edit

Marine Biology Edit

Jack calls to tell Alec about the pack meeting being held at his (aka Butch’s) place.

The Sumage Solution Edit

Jack is the one who has arranged temporary housing for Alec’s new pack by getting them a gig house-sitting for his friend, Manifest Destiny.

Trivia Edit

  • The pack calls Butch’s house Jack’s Place.

Quotes Edit

  • “Jack wafted up next to him like a mercurial genie.” (Marine Biology)

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