Mr. Hubert Wigglesworth is a character in How to Marry a Werewolf (In 10 Easy Steps). He is the father of Faith.

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He is described as being a pragmatist by Faith. He shows little warmth to his family.

"No one would make the mistake of calling Faith’s papa a progressive," and no werewolf would ever be welcome in his home, as he is prejudiced against them and thinks they are uncivilized.

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Mr. Wigglesworth lived in Boston, Massachusetts with his wife. He had multiple children with her, but he apparently had little to do with them if they did not have political value.

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How to Marry a Werewolf (In 10 Easy Steps)Edit

As a result of the scandal his daughter, Faith, became involved in, he and his wife send their daughter off to England to find a werewolf husband there. He agrees to it because he wishes to "dispose" of her, and England is far enough away to give her a chance at marriage before her reputation is discovered and too difficult to return to visit often.

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  • He and Faith do not have a close relationship. Despite this, she calls him by the affectionate title "Papa", rather than a more formal one like "Father".

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  • "'Face it, my dear, she’s spoiled goods by everyone’s standards. Even the werewolves.' Mr Wigglesworth chewed his overcooked beef wetly, with a sound like the squelching of boots in a vat of gravy."[1]

References Edit

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