Hematol 01

Art by Rem.

A vampire and member of the Westminster Hive.

Appearance Edit

He is described as "nondescript in a premeditated way" that reminds Alexia of Professor Lyall. His voice is described as calm but malicious in cadence, "soft and hissing like steam escaping a boiling kettle." (Soulless, Chapter Four).

In the Books Edit

Soulless Edit

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Romancing the Inventor Edit

The Duke of Hematol entertained Lord & Lady Maccon and Major Channing when they came over for dinner. He is then present later with Countess Nadasdy accuses Imogene Hale of stealing Madame Lefoux's research.

Trivia Edit

  • There is some indication, in Soulless, Chapter Four, that the duke is the hive member most worried about Alexia's ability to procreate and produce a metanatural. "It is not the ability to kill that worries me, quite the opposite," said the Duke softly. "In which case it is you gentlemen who should avoid her and not I," replied the Countess slyly.


  • “The duke contents himself mainly with attempting to rule the world and other suchlike nonsense. When one is guiding the patterns of the social universe, a single spinster preternatural is unlikely to cause one undue distress.” (Soulless, Chapter Nine)
  • "The Duke was too arrogant; he would dismiss her out of hand simply on the basis of her age, sex, and station." (Romancing the Inventor, Chapter Six)
  • “This is a bad business, my queen. The girl is neither your indenture nor your drone.” (Romancing the Inventor, Chapter Nine)