Gladiola is a kitsune that works at the Marin Civic Center DURPS offices.

Appearance Edit

Gladiola looks to be a teenager, but is actually closer to ninety years old. She’s about four feet tall. She changes her hair regularly, but sports a gothic lolita look.

Her fox form is a red three tail (but that's mostly be appearance).

Personality Edit

Gladiola can be a little high strung and is often enmeshed in poly drama.

History Edit

Being about ninety years old, it is likely that Gladiola is one of the first born kitsune after the Super Saturation. She is polyamorous and is in a relationship with another kitsune, Chrysanthemum.

In the Books Edit

The Sumage Solution Edit

Maximillian Barker first meets Gladiola when he is called out as a Placer to disPlace her Quintessence explosion because she is having an emotional meltdown in the Civic Center parking lot. She is overwrought because her boyfriend (Chrysanthemum) has been having undisclosed relationships with certain other species.

Trivia Edit

Links Edit

Quotes Edit

  • “She grinned and gave him the bird. Literally. A tiny quintessence hummingbird illusion formed off her middle finger, flew at him, and buzzed his cheek. Then evaporated with a mild whomp. Nice control for a savage mage. That’s one talented Kitsune.” (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Seven)
  • “Gladiola used a great many words to say not very much at all, but enough for him to know that her love life was even more complicated than her boyfriend’s. The number of secondaries and partners and switches and play toys and so forth she dated over the course of one weekend would give most party planners heart palpitations.” (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Seven)
  • “Love’s kinda one of the things I do well. Dramatic, but well.” (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Seven)
  • "I think you spend all your time actually trying to be an anime character." (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Fifteen)

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