Appears in Changeless & Blameless.

Description Edit

A strange chubby little revolver with a square grip. Some versions have been adapted to use hardwood bullets inlaid with silver in a cage-like pattern and capped to take the powder explosion. They are expensive to make, use modern technology, and are capable of taking down either a vampire or a werewolf.

Function Edit

The 8 mm Tue Tue (kill kill) was a hammerless pocket revolver invented in 1872 with a closed frame for the civilian market (actually it was really invented in 1893). Could shoot 5 bullets in succession. In production until about 1935. Later versions were also sold in .32 S&W and .38 ACP, and some had an external hammer. Its companion was the tiny Le Novo revolver, with a hinged trigger and no trigger guard, also featured a folding grip.

Companion DevicesEdit

The Sundowner model is equipped with special bullets designed to kill both werewolves and vampires: ironwood encased in a silver mesh with a lead base and core.

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