Art by Rem.

A young, polite, well-preserved ghost who works for BUR. Entirely sane, unlike many ghosts. She haunts Woolsey Castle.

We do not know what happened to her after the vampires took over but it is likely they had her exorcised. Vampires like their privacy.

In the Books Edit

Changeless Edit

Formerly Merriway only appears in the novel: Changeless. She is first seen delivering a report to Lord Maccon. She then gives Lady Maccon a message from Lord Maccon directing Alexia to the Chapeau de Poupe.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to how far Formerly Merriway's tether reached, it could be surmised her body was somewhere in the upper portion of Woolsey Castle.

Quotes Edit

  • "She was a polite ghost, relatively young and well preserved, and still entirely sane." (Changeless, Chapter One)
  • "Polite to the core was poor little Merriway. Or what was left of her core." (Changeless, Chapter One)
  • "You know how she gets, all-over nervous and floaty." (Changeless, Chapter One)
  • "Formerly Merriway was an amenable one, and Alexia had grown fond of her over the last few months. Even if she was timid." (Changeless, Chapter Three)
  • "The front hall was at the farthest end of her tether, so it was difficult for her to solidify. It also meant her body must be located somewhere in the upper portion of Woolsey Castle, probably walled in somewhere, a fact Alexia preferred not to think about and hoped fervently never to smell." (Changeless, Chapter Three)
  • "The ghost form swayed a bit up and down, Formerly Merriway's version of nodding." (Changeless, Chapter Three)
  • "Despite copious promises from Alexia that she was not going to wander about the castle looking to lay hands on Merriway's corpse, the ghost could not get over her fear of the preternatural. She persisted in seeing imminent exorcism behind every threatening attitude Alexia took, which, given Alexia's character, made for a constant state of nervousness." (Changeless, Chapter Three)