Percy's cat. Footnote comes aboard The Spotted Custard along with Percy, becoming the ship's resident cat.

Appearance Edit

Footnote is a tuxedo cat, mostly black with white markings, as if dressed for the theater. He has white stomach markings up to his throat, white spats, long white whiskers, and a white tail tip.

Trivia Edit

  • Gail has admitted that she based Footnote on her own cat, Lilliput, also a tuxedo. Although Lilliput is female, smaller, and doesn't have a white tail tip.
  • Footnote helps seal negotiations with the Drifters in Imprudence, because cats are seen as the living soul of the ship.

Quotes Edit

  • "Upon hearing his name, said cat stood up from behind a pile of books and swayed over, emitting a chirrup of inquiry." (Prudence, Chapter Three)
  • "He was an attractive animal, mostly black with white markings, as though smartly dressed for the theatre. Better dressed than Percy ever was, that's certain." (Prudence, Chapter Three)
  • "Footnote appeared, stretched at them in his version of a bow and sniffed their shoes. They stood still, allowing him to do so until, gatekeeper-like, he magnanimously began leading them through the books, tail high." (Prudence, Chapter Seven)
  • “She put her tea down and buried her face in Footnote’s fuzzy coat, which smelled faintly of cheese.” (Imprudence, Chapter Four)
  • “Footnote made an appearance at that juncture, ambling up in a welcoming manner until he spotted Tasherit, at which point his tail bristled up like a bottlebrush and he hissed.” (Imprudence, Chapter Nine)
  • “Footnote subsided into a loaf position, looking like an upended Christmas pudding with interested ears.” (Imprudence, Chapter Nine)

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