Lady Florence Bicker-Harrow is the second daughter of the Duke of Snodgrove and younger sister of Lady Violet Bicker-Harrow.

Appearance Edit

She is described as having Cupid’s bow lips and freckles across an untitled nose.

Personality Edit

Lady Florence is described as being lively, but with a tension about her that belies she has secrets.

History Edit

In the books Edit

Poison or Protect Edit

Lady Florence’s father, the Duke of Snodgrove, throws a house party. Lady Florence spends much of her time with Miss Jane Pagril and befriending Lady Preshea Villentia. Miss Pagril sneaks into Lady Florence’s bedroom on a nightly basis and is only discovered by Preshea. When Mr. Jackson made his ill-advised attempt to woo Lady Violet with a nighttime dirigible visit, he accidentally goes to Lady Florence’s bedroom. At the end of the story, Lady Villentia is riding back with Lady Florence and Miss Pagril and agrees to teach them in the ways of an intelligencer.

Trivia Edit

  • Lady Florence is involved romantically with Miss Jane Pagril.
  • Lady Florence prefers to be called Lady Flo.
  • Lady Florence does not think highly of floating.

Quotes Edit

  • “The next Snodgrove offspring, Lady Florence, was a livelier version of her older sister. She was practically jolly, with Cupid’s bow lips and freckles across her uptilted nose. For all her pleasant demeanor, there was a tension about her shoulders that Preshea knew well. This one has secrets.” (Poison or Protect, Chapter Three)
  • “I do love the swish of a fuller skirt. To narrow them down diminishes a lady’s consequence, don’t you feel?” (Poison or Protect, Chapter Three)
  • “Oh, Lady Flo, please. Lady Florence makes me feel like someone’s maiden aunt.” (Poison or Protect, Chapter Four)
  • “It’s unnatural, taking to the skies…” (Poison or Protect, Chapter Four)
  • Miss Pagril and Lady Flo, on the other hand, had decided against such a robust endeavor and deviated to amble through the maze, arm in arm.” (Poison or Protect, Chapter Six)