A member of London society who hosts a ball at the beginning of Prudence.

Appearance Edit

Lord Fenchurch is not a large man, but is described as intimidating.

Personality Edit

His family is wealthy, inbred, and very conscious of these two facts.

History Edit

In the books Edit

Prudence Edit

Lord Fenchurch is the host of the ball Prudence and Primrose attend at the beginning of the novel. Lord Fenchurch is also the the owner of the snuff box Lord Akeldama has sent Rue to acquire (her ulterior motive for attending the ball). He is quite taken aback when Rue storms/stumbles into the card room.

Trivia Edit

  • Lord Akeldama mentions at he beginning of Prudence that Lord Fenchurch's business concerns had taken a downturn recently.

Quotes Edit

  • "Then Lord Fenchurch, unsure of how to cope with a young lady lodged in sacred man-space, desperately removed a snuff box from his waistcoat pocket and took a pinch. There was her target." (Prudence, Chapter One)
  • "She caught sight of Lord Fenchruch emerging from the card room. He did not look pleased with life, unexpected in a gentlemen whose ball was so well attended." (Prudence, Chapter One)
  • "Lord Fenchurch was not a large man but he looked intimidating, like a ferocious tea-cup poodle. Small dogs, Rue knew from personal experience, could do a great deal of damage when not mollified." (Prudence, Chapter One)

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