A Familiar is a shifter who works in coordination with a Magistar to help cast spells. The fact that a Familiar is always a shifter is a carefully guarded secret.

Known Familiars Edit

Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "When he used quintessence, it was usually a wild, untamed creature, like his wolf. Savage power was a shifting, restless thing, mottled and secretive, contorted by his form. This power felt heavy, deep and untapped, sure and fixed and ready. Controlled and united." (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Fifteen)
  • "He was accessing someone else's abilities. A massive store of quintessence obeyed his command, choppy with disuse, neglected like the house." (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Fifteen)
  • "He could pull the energy through his wolf, using him like a conduit. Bryan's savage abilities, his innate shifter nature, would smooth it, converting it back to static quintessence. It would be like purifying water through limestone." (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Eighteen)
  • "It could be argued that a Magistar and his familiar share a soul. If you subscribed to the old ways. That's what makes it so unusual and so rare. How many mages, do you think, would be willing to share their souls with another? Not exactly the personality profile." (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Nineteen)

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