Junior clerk at BUR, aethographic transmission specialist, second class.

Appearance Edit

He is described as round and bespectacled.

Personality Edit

Mr. Phinkerlington has the manners of a clerk and the demeanor of a constipated mole. He is very good at his job.

History Edit

He has a minor aristocratic connection that he's embarrassed about, which may be Mrs. Loontwill and her family, due to her maiden name being the same as his.

He is Percival Phinkerlington's son, which makes him Leticia's nephew and Alexia's cousin, although she doesn't know this. He is also Aggie's father.

In the books Edit


Phinkerlington gives Professor Lyall a message from the aethographic transmitter off of the italian channel he'd been ordered to monitor.

Quotes Edit

  • "He was also very, very good at his job, which consisted mainly of sitting and listening, and then writing down what he had heard without thought or comment." (Blameless, Chapter Fourteen)
  • "Archivist: Mr. Phinkerlington, junior clerk, aethographic transmission specialist, second class" (Heartless, Prologue)
  • "Who knows the ways of werewolves? our is not to question pack protocol." (Heartless, Chapter Nine)

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