Eustace 01

"It was getting incommodious!"

One of Lord Akeldama's drones.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

History Edit

In the books Edit

Soulless Edit

Eustace is a drone that arrived at the end of the novel after the fight with the Hypocras Club. He offered Lord Maccon something to cover his nakedness.

Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "A different dandy appeared, proffering one of the long gray frock coats sported by the younger scientists around the club." (Soulless, Chapter Fourteen)
  • "Now, Eustace, what did you go and do a thing like that for?' he said to his fellow drone. 'It was getting incommodious,' said the unapologetic Eustace." (Soulless, Chapter Fourteen)

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