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This series features a marauding team of outrageous miscreants in a high tech dirigible charging about fixing things, loudly and mainly with tea.

In the Custard Protocol series Gail explores the wider ramifications of a steampunk British Empire, not only how technology has altered but how vampires and werewolves have evolved differently all over the world.

The first book, Prudence, begins several decades after the The Parasol Protectorate series. A second book, Imprudence, is forthcoming July 19, 2016.

These books exist in the same universe as the Finishing School series (44 years after), and The Parasol Protectorate series (22 years after).


Audio Edit

Read by Moira Quirk, audio editions of the Custard Protocol books are available from Audible and other audio vendors. In the USA, audio is released at the same time as print. The Custard Protocol audiobooks are produced by Hachette Audio, and generally, they do not make CDs available.

Foreign Language Editions Edit

Would you like to read foriegn translations? Gail donates all of hers, signed, to the Worldbuilders charity.

UK Commonwealth ~ Orbit Edit

Ebooks and audiobooks should be available at the same time.

French ~ Orbit France Edit

Japan ~ Hayakawa Edit

Extras Edit

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