Constance Bicker-Harrow (also known as Formerly Connie) is a ghost that appears in Poison or Protect.

Appearance Edit

She is described as looking much like her sisters: Violet Bicker-Harrow and Florence Bicker-Harrow. She, however, is a ghost and slightly thinner.

Personality Edit

Formerly Connie is a ghost, so a little aloof. She is described as being a nice young lady with Gothic notions of unrequited love.

History Edit

Formerly Connie was once Constance Bicker-Harrow, daughter to the Duke of Snodgrove. She is buried in a back garden on the estate.

In the books Edit

Poison or Protect Edit

Formerly Connie's father, the Duke of Snodgrove, is throwing a house party. Formerly Connie is able to attend because her body is on the property. She catches Preshea and Gavin moving about the estate at night.

Trivia Edit

  • Formerly Connie died before she ever had her first kiss.
  • It is not stated how Formerly Connie passed, but it was recent to the beginning of the story.

Quotes Edit

  • “She is doing well, all her parts still in place.” (Poison or Protect, Chapter Two)
  • “The ghost, from what one could see of her in the bright candlelight, looked much like her sisters, although thinner and more somber by way of general expression.” (Poison or Protect, Chapter Four)
  • “Her voice was breathy and she was wispy about the hair. Preshea was inclined to regard this last as carelessness, or perhaps Connie had been flighty when alive.” (Poison or Protect, Chapter Four)
  • “With one of the footmen acting as her hands, Formerly Connie played whist with her father, brother, and Miss Leeton.” (Poison or Protect, Chapter Four)
  • “She acted as if she were a governess and not a virginal chit half their age and dead.” (Poison or Protect, Chapter Five)
  • “I never got a first kiss myself.” (Poison or Protect, Chapter Five)
  • “She was still very much a nice young lady, with all the Gothic notions of unrequited love to go alongside.” (Poison or Protect, Chapter Five)
  • “Do you find yourself calmer now than when you were alive?' 'Naturally. Not a great deal to worry about, you understand? Already dead.” (Poison or Protect, Chapter Seven)
  • “Poor lassie, to die so young.” (Poison or Protect, Chapter Ten)