The Clandestine Scientific Information Act is a government act relating to the sealing and protection of information concerning scientific inventions, achievements, and organizations, including the Order of the Brass Octopus. The act was proposed by the dewan and enacted in 1855.

As part of the act, mechanicals were declared a threat to the commonwealth. Anti-supernatural members of parliament were able to include a line naming supernaturals as enemy intelligencers, preventing them from accessing the Act's contents (the patents for mechanicals), and therefore mechanicals and mechanimal technology.

In Manners & Mutiny, it is revealed that the dewan has proposed the Act and is trying to persuade Lord Akeldama to support it.

Little is specifically known about the Act by the general public, besides:

  • It is linked to the last of the intelligencers under the potentate before Lord Akeldama, before they were disbanded
  • It has something to do with the Great Picklemen Revolt and the disposal of patents of domestic servitude
  • Records involving Egypt and the God-Breaker Plague for a period of about 12 years are sealed under Alessandro Tarabotti's cipher, Panattone

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