Catogan is a claviger to the Woolsey Pack and a talented violinist.

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Recruited about a month before the events in Heartless,[1].

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Heartless Edit

On Rumpet’s recommendation, Lord Maccon brings Catogan in to play soothing music as Biffy goes through his forced pre-full moon change, in the hopes it will soothe the young werewolf. Upon learning of this, Alexia requests that Catogan play for her while she is confined to bed with a sprained ankle.

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Quotes Edit

  • "So I have Burbleson - you remember Catogan Burbleson, that new musically minded claviger we recruited last month? - playing violin all the while. A nice soothing piece of European fluff. Hard to tell if any of this is helping, but my efforts doesn't seem to be making the poor boy feel worse.' Alexia was suspicious. 'Is young Catogan any good on the violin?' 'Rather." (Heartless, Chapter Seven)

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References Edit

  1. Heartless, chapter 7.

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