Bryan Ignacio Frederiksen the Third, aka Butch, is the father of Alec and Bryan Ignacio Frederiksen the Fourth.

Appearance Edit

Butch is six feet and four inches tall. He has a massive scar on one cheek and a ponytail.

Personality Edit

He's pack Beta, but he's aggressive and a big jerk.

History Edit

Butch has five sons and three daughters. He is the Beta for the Red Paws pack.

In the Books Edit

Marine Biology Edit

The Red Paws pack hold a pack meeting at Butch's place where they meet with the merfolk to coordinate their cooperation in their investigation.

Trivia Edit

  • Butch owns the house that Jack haunts. The pack calls it Jack’s Place, which makes Butch livid.

Quotes Edit

  • “His dad was beta to the local pack, with four strapping, monosyllabic, Playboy-touting sons-and Alec.” (Marine Biology)
  • “He had a massive scar one one cheek, a skull bandana around his head, and the exact expression a pit-bull wears when he catches some other dog peeing in his yard.” (Marine Biology)
  • “Disappointment, a common emotion when talking with his middle child, crossed Butch’s face.” (Marine Biology)

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