A drone of the Woolsey Hive who was injured in a riding accident. Countess Nadasdy tries and fails to metamorphose her to save her life.

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Asphodel is a drone and appears injured in this book from a riding accident. Alexia is witness to how the hive queen, Countess Nadasdy, attempts (and fails) to turn the drone.

Quotes Edit

  • "Asphodel is such a sweet girl." (Timeless, Chapter Four)
  • "Asphodel's eyes popped open, wide, startled, looking directly at the observers. Then she began to scream. It was a deep, drawn-out cry of agony. Her pupils dilated, darkening and changing color, extending outward until her entire eyeball was a solid deep red. The girl's eyes began to bleed. Drops of blood leaked out, running down the sides of her face and dripping off her nose. Her screams became gargles as blood began to pour out of her mouth, muffling the cries." (Timeless, Chapter Four)

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