A dreadfully plain woman who shops at Chapeau de Poupe. A relative of Mr. Colindrikal-Bumbcruncher, though it isn't outright stated. Later becomes engaged to Captain Featherstonehaugh.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

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Quotes Edit

  • "He refused, on principle, to sell a huge tricolored pifferaro bonnet decorated with a cascade of clove pinks, black currants, and cut jet beads to Mrs. Colindrikal-Bumbcruncher for her daughter. Miss Colindrikal-Bumbcruncher was plain, dreadfully plain, and the bonnet was rather more an insult than a decoration by contrast." (Timeless, Chapter Two)
  • "With which the matron marched out, dragging her daughter in her wake. The young lady mouthed an apology behind her mother's back and gave the little gold straw bonnet a wistful look. Poor creature, thought Biffy, before returning both hats to their displays." (Timeless, Chapter Two)

Trivia Edit

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