The Alexandria Hive of vampires was located in the far north of Egypt outside Alexandria and was the only hive in Egypt. The queen was Matakara;[1] at the time of her death, there were six vampires besides the queen.[2]

Matakara metamorphosed Ivy Tunstell before dying; upon the death of his queen, Chancellor Neshi committed suicide. Four male vampires transferred to the newly created queen and, together with six drones, accompanied Mrs. Tunstell back to London,[3] becoming the new Wimbledon Hive.[4]

Location Edit

The hive house is located off Rue Ibrahim and within sight of Port Vieux on the eastern side of Alexandria. The building itself has a Greek facade. It is two stories tall with large marble columns on the first level and a long balcony on the second floor.

Inside, doorways lead off a vestibule, and woven reed mats lay on the floors. Statues and paintings of ancient Egyptian gods decorate the house. The ambiance is described as stark and primitive, but awe-inspiring.

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References Edit

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