Alec Frederiksen is the pack Alpha of the San Andreas Shifters pack in Sausalito, CA. He is the main character of the short story Marine Biology.

Appearance Edit

Alec is described as being tall (around six feet) and skinny and not very werewolf-like. He’s described as being more pretty than handsome. Even his wolf form is slender, best for speed and not brawn.

His wolf form is cream-colored with striking brown and black markings.

Personality Edit

Alec likes post-modern literature and prefers to avoid confrontation. He is open, charismatic, and friendly while also being commanding (in his Alpha way).

History Edit

Alec is the middle child with four other brothers (Bryan Ignacio Frederiksen the Fourth being the eldest), 3 sisters, and his father, Butch. Alec was made a werewolf on his eighteenth birthday, despite his assumption that any attempt to do so would kill him. He survived and soon after realized that he was an Alpha werewolf. He fought his brothers one at a time or several at once, but he never lost a fight. However, he held the position of Gamma in his local pack until being ousted as an Alpha. He has a career as a marine microbiologist and works in the bio department at Super Submersion.

In the Books Edit

Marine Biology Edit

Alec is gay and an Alpha werewolf, two things he’s trying desperately to hide from the rest of his pack. Alec is made the pack liaison for the visiting merfolk. Marvin, a merman that Alec is helping, went to high school with him and there’s an obvious attraction. Alec helps them investigate the local area looking for the Irish mafia (a selkie family) that stole a large amount of money from the merfolk. By the end of the book they catch the selkies, but Alec is outed a being both an Alpha and gay. He prepares to leave for the San Francisco Bay Area with his half of the pack.

The Sumage Solution Edit

Alec has moved his new pack across the country to the San Francisco Bay Area (with his merman boyfriend, Marvin). He's trying to get them settled in Sausalito, CA which involves getting them registered with DURPS, finding housing, and getting everyone jobs. On top of everything, his brother and pack Beta (Biff) has gotten involved with a sumage (Max), and it's bringing him a lot of joy and heartache. Alec tries to protect his little brother, but the two find a way to make it work.

Trivia Edit

  • Alec was on the swim team in high school.
  • Alec babbles when he’s nervous.
  • Alec eats his pizza in neat, careful bites crust first.

Extras Edit

Quotes Edit

  • “Is it the full moon? Did I forget it was full moon? I hacked one of those female cycle programs for my laptop. It’s supposed to remind me when I’m due.” (Marine Biology)
  • Thank goodness for Dr. Atkins-the perfect excuse for a cultured werewolf to eat nothing but meat. Before the good doctor came along, Alec had been forced to hide his shameful rare burger habit.” (Marine Biology)
  • “No one-really no one-especially not Alec, had expected him to survive the Bite. The only person in existence less qualified to become a werewolf was Richard Simmons.” (Marine Biology)
  • Usually, guys get off on my being a werewolf, not a scientist.” (Marine Biology)
  • “Marvin cocked his golden head to one side, thoughtfully. ‘So, how deep in the closet are you?’ Alec gave him an expressive look. ‘Honey, I shit mothballs.” (Marine Biology)
  • “Caffeine didn’t do much for the werewolf constitution but he enjoyed the ritual of it and the lab insisted on a near constant supply.” (Marine Biology)
  • “Alec took several deep breaths while Marvin lay there, quiet and still Alec’s inner wolf remained unhappy about this and felt very protective despite the yoga Well, crap, thought Alec, finally understanding his own feelings, this is mating behavior.” (Marine Biology)
  • “I suppose to be unexpected in love is a nice change from being unexpectedly alive.” (Marine Biology)
  • “Alec was a tolerant and easygoing Alpha...except when someone threatened his mate.” (The Sumage Solution, Chapter One)
  • “Alec might not look or act like most Alphas but he is Alpha. He’s easy to follow. He leads, in his absent-minded way.” (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Three)
  • “Alec looked philosophical. ‘Life gives you the Beta you need, not the Beta you want.” (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Three)
  • "Every part of Alec said follow me. A werewolf yellow brick road." (The Sumage Solution, Chapter Fourteen)